The USP Card makes you “Feel Special” and save money at the same time at almost all the sectors/ brands you have always wanted to visit.
For your assistance, you have been provided with the Vendors Informatica which provides you a comprehensive list of places where your USP Card can be used. You can get the same list on this website too.

How to Use: USP Card is NOT a debit/credit/rechargeable card, but it is an asset at these present times of alarming price highs and taxes. You just need to show the USP Card to our associated vendors “before your bill gets printed” and your overall bill will get reduced.

The Table below illustrates how much you can save with your USP Card

Overall BillAmount You Pay after TaxesAmount You Pay With USP Card (Disc. – 10%)Amount You Pay With USP Card (Disc. – 15%)Amount You Pay With USP Card (Disc. – 20%)
Rs. 100Rs. 119 Rs. 107 Rs. 101Rs. 95
Rs. 500Rs. 593Rs. 533Rs. 504Rs. 474
Rs. 1000Rs. 1185Rs. 1067Rs. 1007Rs. 948
Rs. 1500Rs. 1778Rs. 1600Rs. 1511Rs. 1422
Rs. 2000Rs. 2370Rs. 2133Rs. 2015Rs. 1896
Rs. 3000Rs. 3555Rs.3200Rs. 3022Rs. 2844

(Amounts have been rounded off for Easy Understanding)


Money Saved is Money Earned

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