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All our Vendors have been scrutinized and selected after various vendor norms have been followed continuously.However, if you still face any difficulties availing a discount/ offer at any vendor, do let us know right then and your issue will be resolved. Our contact numbers are written on the back of the USP Card. If we find that any Vendor has deliberately done this offence more than once, that vendor will be immediately removed from our Vendors List.
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You can contact us on the numbers written at the back of your Card. Any such confusion/ issue will be resolved.
TheCoupon Booklets can beordered online or can be collected from our Pick-Up Points.
Card offers can be availed any number of times at the Vendors mentioned in Vendors Informatica whereas each Deal in the Coupon Booklet can be availed just once.Besides, the Coupons are ALSO valid at places which are not our regular Vendors, so the deal is exclusive and can be availed only once.However, you can collect more Coupon Booklets from our Pick-Up Points if you wish to avail the same offers again.
No, carrying your Card is must to avail the discount.
No, the discount won’t get multiplied, no matter how many Cards you carry.
You just need to show your USP Card before your bill gets printed to the Vendor whose name is mentioned on the Website or the Vendors Informatica, and you will get the allocated discount.
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