USP The Survivor 2 - uspnew

Round 1 : Number of participants - 3,500

  • 70 brands had put up their stalls at the venue
  • All the participants were required to collect information and brochures from each brands
  • The participants were given a questionnaire based on the brochures and the Brands' description
Round 2 – Total 160 Teams were shortlisted for this Round in which they had to clear a Written Round comprising of a Case Study, Sudoku & Brand Awareness test.Round 3 – Total 80 Teams were shortlisted where they again had to clear a Written Round comprising of Jumbled Brands & Word Finder Test.Round 4 – Group Discussion - Total 25 Teams were shortlisted in which the participants had to perform individually while the Final score comprised of their combined scores.Round 5 – Advertisement Round – Total 13 Teams were shortlisted. Each Team was given a different brand to act upon. (Winner - Team Tula’s – Nirit Datta, Gursagar Singh, Harshdeep Singh, Karan Thakur)Round 6 – Entrepreneurship Round – Total 5 Teams were shortlisted. All of them had to present an Entrepreneurial idea of a particular given domain. (Winner - Team Summer Valley – Kritika Dobhal, Shreya Dimri, Kanjani Sharma)Round 7 – One on One Round – Top 2 Teams went into this Round where they had to defend the opposite sides of a given topic. Team A had to defend Indian brands while Team B had to defend foreign brands. Team A was adjudged the Winning Team of this round. (Team Summer Valley – Kritika Dobhal, Shreya Dimri, Kanjani Sharma)Round 8 – Shipwreck & Stress Interview Round – USP The Survivor 2 Winning Team comprised of 3 members. So this Final Round was organised to find the ultimate Winner of USP The Survivor 2.Ultimate Winner – Shreya Dimri (Summer Valley School)

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Round 4

Round 5

Round 6

Round 7

Round 8

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